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With highly exclusive content, TABOO is a unique streaming media & NFT project for adults. It serves as a platform that facilitates exploring the user’s fantasies, purchasing the finest adult NFTs, and investing tokens for high returns.

Besides its native marketplace, the platform recently redesigned its UI/UX to provide innovative functionalities. Users can purchase the TABOO token and sell and trade the platform’s native NFTs. Or stake their current holdings to earn a guaranteed APY (Annual Percentage Yield) of up to 20%.

Taboo token staking
TABOO token staking

Here is our price prediction.

TABOO Price Prediction

At the current price of $0.002, the TABOO token ranks #672 in the entire crypto ecosystem, according to the latest data. The token has a market cap of $17,857,044, with 9,782,678,080 tokens in circulation.

Taboo Taken current price $0.002
TABOO Taken current price $0.002

In the last seven days, TABOO has gained 42.54%. This could be a good time to invest in the TABOO token since it has shown much potential lately. On February 17, 2023, 14 technical analysis indicators showed bullish signals, whereas 13 showed bearish signals. The general sentiment regarding TABOO price prediction is neutral.

Taboo price prediction is neutral
TABOO price prediction is neutral

Our TABOO price prediction suggests a rise of 19.30% by February 22, 2023, reaching $0.002. The Fear & Greed Index shows 61 (Greed) based on our technical indicators. Since the beginning of the month, TABOO has recorded 13/30 (43%) days with a price volatility of 13.03%.

TABOO Technical Analysis

There is an upward trend in TABOO, with prices trading above the 200-day simple moving average. Since February 01, 2023, the 200-day SMA has been signaling buy. Since January 12, 2023, TABOO’s price has been above its 50-day moving average (SMA), showing buy.

Based on our technical indicators, we predict TABOO’s 200-day SMA could fall by $0.001 by March 19, 2023. TABOO’s short-term 50-day SMA may reach $0.001602 by the same date.

This popular momentum oscillator signals whether a cryptocurrency is overbought (above 70) or oversold (below 30). The TABOO market is currently neutral, as shown by the RSI reading of 60.93.

How Taboo Works for Investors

Each tier of the TABOO marketplace provides access to an advanced level of content as exclusive NFT collections. Like Patreon, you can access more content if they hold more tokens. At each tier, consumers get access to a broader variety of content, with the most discerning consumers accessing the highest quality and exclusive content.

Benefits for higher tiers include VIP invitations to TABOOMansion parties, industry and social events, and model meet-and-greets. TABOO’s online and offline entertainment events (the first event held in Phuket, Thailand, in August 2022) and other crypto utilities are available through this program.

VIP invitations to Taboo Mansion parties
VIP invitations to TABOO Mansion parties

Also, top-of-the-line developers are constantly working to develop the marketplace further. Alongside the highly expected V2 and V3 features, cross-chain integration may also be across various other cryptocurrency networks.

As a part of the platform’s own NFT collection, TABOO released TABOOPUNKS. You can attend exclusive VIP parties with supermodels simply by owning one of these bronze/silver/gold TABOOPUNKS.

Invest in the TABOOPUNK NFT
Invest in the TABOOPUNK NFT

Investors in the TABOOPUNK NFT may also benefit from the TABOO Metaverse and TABOOSPACE, which are under development. It provides unlimited access to the platform and many exclusive events, making it an NFT with utility.


While the adult industry is huge, there are a lot of issues, such as dubious websites, that defraud visitors regularly. As a risky investment and a volatile cryptocurrency, TABOO may take some time to stabilize its price. As a short-term investment, we suggest more research.

Besides, various laws govern the adult sector in several nations, and the token is also subject to these laws. There are many uncertainties in the crypto world, so it is important to research before investing.

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