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With the Metropoly ($METRO) project expected to boom in the wake of the recent interest in real estate, cryptocurrency markets may soon have some new real estate magnates to welcome.

With hundreds of investors vying for a piece of the development of the crypto real estate, Metropoly has collected over $500,000 in only weeks thanks to a stunning financing round launch. As of this writing, the presale is in its ninth stage, offering investors to make a handsome profit by buying the METRO token at a discounted price of $0.0625.

Metropoly’s aggressive aim is to build a completely decentralized real estate marketplace has sparked a resurgence of awareness in blockchain-based real estate assets. The end objective is straightforward, which is to provide a system that facilitates the tokenization of real estate into a decentralized online trading platform. The unique NFT technology allows customers to acquire a fractional interest in assets located anywhere in the globe.

What Makes Investing In Metropoly So Lucrative?

There have been a number of successful presale crypto ventures this year, and the general public is entitled to know what sets Metropoly apart. Following are the reasons why investing in this token could be the best decision you can make this year:

Real World NFT Use Case

As opposed to being merely collectible items that may be traded for a profit as their value rises, Real Estate NFTs are, in fact, financial products that bind their holders to the real estate property they represent. It provides a wide range of amenities to its customers, including the opportunity to earn passive money through leasing fees and price increases. Because of this, Metropoly has been featured in various news articles notable in a publication like Bloomberg.

Less Competition

Linking Real Estate and NFT is a topic of significant discussion, without much progress in reality. Those who act quickly might potentially reap the benefits of the market’s current low levels of competition. Sooner or later, when further such initiatives materialize, they will reap the benefits of the pump.

100% Transparency Guaranteed

With an aim toward complete openness, CertiK has inspected Metropoly’s smart contract and SolidProof has doxxed the owners of the company. Rest assured Metropoly aims to be completely transparent and honest with the community.

Low Entry Barrier

The real estate market is robust, although the majority of its investors are large financial institutions. The considerable barrier to entry deters casual investors. Through the use of Real Estate NFTs for fractional ownership, Metropoly hopes to broaden access to real estate investing.

Just 0.1% of the NFTs may be purchased for $100. The real estate market is also a means to hedge against the danger of the fluctuating market because it is much more reliable as opposed to other businesses.

Mind-blowing Giveaway

The $1 million Burj Khalifa home is the grand prize in the greatest contest ever offered by Metropoly. Users can enter the contest if they participate in the presale and buy the METRO token for a minimum amount of $100. If users follow the instructions on the main page, they can enhance the number of raffle entries they receive.

Bonus for Presale Investors

Investors that get in early are likely to benefit significantly. For those who use the promo code “Launch20” to participate in the presale, Metropoly will throw in an extra 20% of METRO tokens as a gesture of goodwill.

More in the Pipeline

The Real Estate NFT marketplace beta is online, and the development of the platform itself is ongoing. With the beta out, the presale picked up steam, and Metropoly was able to raise almost $500,000! Most recently, Metropoly released the mobile-optimized version of the software, known as Beta App 2.0.

Apart from that, Metropoly Marketplace will include GameFi components in the second quarter of 2023. In the second quarter, we will also implement a customer service system and a method for third-party businesses to advertise their Real Estate NFTs.

By the end of the third quarter of 2023, Metropoly will have integrated the GameFi features of in-app leveling, trade, and payments via credit cards. The gateway to VIP customer care will swing open in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Throughout this time, Metropoly will also offer a training program and a decentralized wallet for purchasing $METRO. In addition, they are working on a cash-back solution that will provide holders with attractive incentives.

What is The Importance of $METRO Token?

As a coin native to the system, $METRO will be the primary medium of exchange on the Metronome platform.

Thus, it will be employed in the marketplace for the acquisition and disposal of residential and commercial properties. Also, it is expected that this money would be utilized to distribute passive income streams generated by the ownership of the real estate.

The title to the property is established by the issuance of NFT certificates. These may take the form of a fraction, and hence, the stream of passive income may also be extended to cover only a portion of the original amount.

As part of the previous year’s Metropoly beta testing, this has been put to the ultimate test. The initiative is currently in its second beta phase, and the launch of the platform’s inaugural products is expected within the coming month.

Is It Worth Investing in Metropoly?

The main advantages for Metropoly include its innovative use of NFTs to purchase real estate and its provision of low-threshold entrance for novice investors in the property market. The cryptocurrency community is extremely optimistic about its services, and the rapid growth of the presale has led developers to predict a tenfold increase in value when the venture goes live.

Should one put money into Metropoly? Indeed, that’s the case. The initiative is open, and it takes NFT’s capabilities into account realistically. Not intent on selling itself short, it instead urges potential backers to undertake their own due diligence.

How to Buy METRO Tokens?

Simply follow these steps to participate in the Metropoly presale:

Open a Wallet

First, you’ll need a wallet to keep your tokens in. The $METRO team will utilize this wallet. When it comes to cryptocurrency wallets, Metropoly suggests either Trust Wallet or Metamask. Though, other solutions that work with ETH are permitted.

Connect Wallet to the Presale

To participate in the Metropoly crypto pre-sale, visit the site and select “Connect Wallet.” The next step is to choose the right wallet operator and then choose the wallet that was previously created.

Select Payment Method

The $METRO token may be traded for Ether, Binance, or Tether coins. Make sure your wallet contains one of the following three cryptocurrencies before you link it.

Purchase Tokens

To complete the process, one must acquire METRO tokens. Type in the number of $METRO tokens you want to buy. When the presale is over, you may realize the trade and collect your tokens.

Final Word: Wait or Buy Now?

The METRO pre-sale necessitates a basic deposit of $100. You may enter to win a $1 million Burj Khalifa home if you own at minimum $100 worth of METRO. The annual rental revenue potential is one hundred thousand dollars.

Don’t forget that Metropoly has a lot of cool stuff in the works, such as an upcoming CEX listing, GameFi integration, and a suggested loan feature. In order to possibly generate a 10x return in the long term, it is important to invest in this real-world asset startup as soon as possible rather than waiting.

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