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Over $490,000 has been raised in the Metropoly presale so far in its minimum eighth stage of presale. This suggests that the METRO token’s price is going up shortly, providing early adopters a small window of opportunity to stock up on the new cryptocurrency before its price increases.

Without an iota of doubt, Metropoly is poised to become one of the year’s most interesting new platforms in the cryptocurrency industry, irrespective of when investors purchase METRO.

The platform released its beta version in the last leg of 2022 for users to buy real estate and even small portions of real estate in the form of NFTs.

More on Metropoly

As the first real-estate-focused NFT marketplace, Metropoly is backed by physical assets and may provide holders with passive income. The goal of the initiative is to make real estate investment accessible to people from all walks of life by eliminating barriers like traditional bank involvement, excessive paperwork, and rigorous credit checks.

The goal of the platform is to improve real estate investing practices by introducing cutting-edge technologies to the market. The whole point of the site is to help people put their money to work in real estate within a few seconds with as little as $100.

Fractional ownership is the enchantment that allows for such a little initial investment. Envision yourself being able to invest in a piece of an apartment in London, a bungalow in Dubai, and a Parisian villa. Yes, and you may do so with Metropoly. This is due to the fact that each property in the Metropoly portfolio is subdivided and linked to an NFT. This allows investors to participate in the benefits of real estate investing by owning a stake in a building.

To reduce their exposure to risky investments like cryptocurrencies, Metropoly users may diversify their portfolios into the more stable real estate market. In reality, the top one percent of the world’s wealthiest people have amassed their fortunes in the real estate market, and Metropoly is offering them identical options.

Why Should You Invest in Metropoly?

The majority of NFT initiatives have been stumbling toward practicality. To address this problem, the Metropoly project has developed a new coin that is pegged to physical goods, such as multi-utility real estate properties that may generate passive income for their owners.

Here are some of the features of Metropoly which make this a worthwhile investment:

NFT Holders Voting Rights

With Metropoly DAO, NFT holders can exercise voting rights proportional to the number of NFTs they own, even if that number is a fraction. Property owners who possess NFTs have the option of either selling or raising the rent.

Global Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Property listings that are added to the blockchain by Metropoly have been carefully selected. Agents with specific training in evaluating the potential for future value increase in real estate investments are aiding in this endeavor. Investors may acquire access to these homes without the hassle of a third-party broker, tons of paperwork, or a credit check.

Less Risky

Investment property has a reputation as a safe bet for cautious investors. The requirement for housing means that real estate will always be in high demand. With the rise in population, however, home values are expected to rise. Users may expect higher monthly returns with the fractional NFT because of this.

NTFs are The Collateral

Investors can use RENs, which are NFTs, together with other financial products as collateral when taking out loans. Debtors can access the liquidity pool, which is comprised of all NFTs, and borrow funds as needed. In the case of non-payment, the NFT is removed from the debtor and transferred to the aforementioned pool irrevocably.

Quality Checks and More

The Metropoly NFT market is just one of the features of this blockchain-based initiative. Many support services, such as administrative ones for managing properties, are also offered. Metropoly’s property management staff is responsible, ethical, and trustworthy; they will inspect the NFT-affiliated building and its residents who are residing on rent on a regular basis. It’s the same as hiring a local company in another country to handle the upkeep of your foreign property.

Easy Way to Earn Passive Income

Those who own these asset-backed NFTs will have two income streams from which to choose. The first is a monetary one in the form of rent. Each NFT tokenized by Metropoly will represent a long-term rental or vacation house. This property is fractional an NFT. Therefore each owner will get a monthly share of the rental revenue.

Also, you can hope for a rise in prices. Most of the listings on the Metropoly Marketplace are for real estate in high-demand areas, such as Dubai. Property values in these extremely popular areas have risen in the past, and there are no indicators that this trend will reverse any time soon. Appreciation in property values will also raise the value of NFTs, providing owners with a greater opportunity to generate capital through sale or auction.

Final Word

Metropoly is a new and exciting concept that combines real estate with NFTs. It adds natural context to NFTs, which might lead to significant benefits notwithstanding the weak market.

The fractionalization of an NFT, however, is what sets this endeavor apart from others. It is possible to sell a piece of real estate represented by an NFT in the form of a fractional NFT. Owners who take advantage of the benefits of fractional ownership might expect a stream of passive income in the form of rentals and gains. Metropoly’s NFTs are viewed as financial products and may be used as collateral for loans through the lending facility.

All of these steps may seem like a lot of work, but the project’s progress so far has been encouraging. Even while the presale is still in its infancy, the beta variant of the software that includes the Metropoly Marketplace has already been released, as has the mobile application. Metropoly can provide an attractive rate of return for early adopters in light of all these events.

As of this writing, the presale for Metropoly’s native cryptocurrency is in its eighth stage, and one token costs $0.05 USDT. By taking part now, many people will increase their chances of making huge profits before the token is listed on cryptocurrency platforms. Visit to snag these presale tokens.

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