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The crypto market is slowly getting back on its feet this year. Investors and projects are more cautious this time, having learned their lesson the hard way from the series of crypto collapses in 2022. The market is not generous to hollow tokens backed by flimsy projects and vague visions anymore. It is looking for strong projects led by far-sighted teams that can take blockchain innovation to the masses with real-world use cases.

In this article, we’re introducing you to a project that ticks these boxes. Metropoly – the world’s first NFT marketplace backed by real-world real estate properties. Here is a detailed review of the project and five reasons why it makes a solid crypto investment this year.

What is Metropoly: A brief overview

Metropoly is an NFT platform that aims to simplify and decentralize the global real estate market, tapping into blockchain technology. It uses the decentralized, immutable nature of NFTs to keep track of real estate ownership and its transfer of ownership. As a result, hundreds of people can come together to own a property without the hassles of endless documentation. This would be impossible in the traditional market, which can take months to years to settle a real estate deal, even without multiple partners.

Metropoly converts real estate properties handpicked from around the world into NFTs. Still, the assets would be too costly for a single person to own. So they are divided into fractional NFTs for as low as $100 and sold on the Metropoly NFT marketplace. The creative approach takes real estate to Web3 and helps expedite the deals with more participation.

  • No banks. No paperwork. No hidden fees. With Metropoly, real estate investments are easy and affordable. Since the ownership data is recorded on the blockchain, middlemen are out of the equation. In addition, fees and delays associated with buying or selling a real estate property are slashed to a great extent. In fact, Metropoly claims to facilitate real estate NFT trading in less than a minute.
  • If you don’t have the capital to invest in a large property all by yourself, you can still buy fractional real-estate NFTs from Metropoly. Since each of these NFTs costs as low as 100 USD, it is easy to diversify your portfolio and manage risk. For example, you can own a piece of a vacation property in London and an apartment in Dubai and a business complex in New York at the same time for less than $1000. This improves your profitability, safeguarding your portfolio against volatility. Even when a country or sector goes down, it doesn’t take a toll on your portfolio.
  • The liquidity of real estate properties is a huge hassle in the traditional market. It can take months or years in the traditional market to sell a property. Not only is it a headache to find a buyer, but the paperwork that follows drives you insane. Real estate investments across borders are even bigger trouble. With the Metropoly NFT marketplace, the process is expedited to just a few minutes for the reasons we mentioned above. You can trade a real estate property on Metropoly in simple steps – connect your wallet and create your Metropoly account, discover premium properties on the platform, and buy a piece of them (fractional NFTs). When you want to sell them, put them up on the marketplace and sell them to an eligible buyer.
  • You need not worry about the hassles of maintenance and finding tenants, either. All of that is taken care of by the Metropoly team based in London, Dubai, and Ontario. Their years of track record in running successful international businesses, including both institutional real estate and blockchain companies, underpins the credibility of the project.

The beta version of Metropoly NFT Marketplace is now live.

Metropoly shows what a crypto project should look like

Over the years, we have seen many crypto and NFT projects enter the market. But a closer look at the market will reveal that few have stood the test of time. Investing in these projects in the hope of short-term returns, triggered by community hype and shilling, can potentially wipe out your wallet overnight. We witnessed that in 2022.

Listed below are five reasons why you should invest in a project like Metropoly to earn reliable returns:

1. Real-world use case that matters

Metropoly is underpinned by a real-world utility. It is not another NFT project that sells ridiculously pretentious art collectibles or gaming assets without games. It aims to disrupt the real estate market, which has long been in the hands of a few.

The global real estate market is impenetrable and illiquid today. A small percentage of the population that is filthy rich owns real estate properties across the world. Not all of us can afford the multimillion-dollar investments they demand. And not all of us have the time or resources to go through regulatory hassles and paperwork that further hinder access to the sector. Sadly, the traditional real estate market is incapable of democratization as it is today.

But blockchain technology can provide a solution using its transparent, immutable makeup. That’s what Metropoly shows. It allows everyone to grow their fortune with the same approach that the world’s top 1% use. Using NFTs and blockchain, investing in a wide array of high-yield properties – holiday homes, studio apartments, condos, penthouses, and large villas to name just a few – can be done from the comfort of your couch in a few seconds.

2. Real estate is evergreen

There are few investments that match the reliability and returns of real estate properties. The reason is simple. Everyone needs a roof over their head. Not just to sleep, but also to work, conduct business, and engage in recreational activities. As the population grows, the land becomes scarce, and resources become scarce. The demand for apartments and offices will grow, skyrocketing the prices of land and the properties built on top of them.

Over the centuries, real estate properties have proven to be an evergreen investment. They’re also a great hedge against inflation. They should not be limited to the portfolio of the wealthy. This is the vision that takes Metropoly ahead.

3. Guaranteed value appreciation and passive income

Although you are investing in an NFT backed by real-world property and not the real-world property directly, you still receive all the benefits of real estate ownership with Metropoly. This includes regular passive income from rent and long-term returns from the value appreciation of the underlying property. Given that monthly rent is skyrocketing across cities and tourism is fast-growing, the passive income from Metropoly makes it a compelling investment this year.

4. Community participation 

The crypto market needs more than just the support of investors looking for cash-grab schemes to grow and flourish. Metropoly is a project that has the potential to amass a large user base outside the crypto community. Real estate is a sector known to all. Most people are looking for a way into the coveted market. Metropoly’s low entry barriers will bring many traditional users, previously hostile to crypto and NFTs, to the market. In fact, Metropoly has built a large online community in a short space of time.

5. High credibility 

Metropoly released the beta version of its pioneering NFT marketplace backed by real-world properties to a grand reception in January 2023. The second version went live in February with upgrades to features like trading, auctions, and mortgage. The functionalities and usability of the dashboard instill faith in the future of the project.

To ensure more security, CertiK has audited the METRO smart contract and verified the team’s identities through an extensive KYC process. It rules out the risks of hacks and rug pulls, rampant among presale projects.

How to invest in Metropoly?

You can invest in Metropoly through METRO tokens or Metropoly Real Estate NFTs. The first is now live, offering the cheapest entry to the project. METRO is the native cryptocurrency of the ecosystem that powers the payment and reward system. It is currently in the eighth stage of the presale, selling for $0.05 per token. The price will increase as the presale moves to the next stages. The limited supply of 1B gives the token large room for growth, given that you buy them early.

As expected, the presale has been witnessing large traffic from both crypto and real estate communities due to the market relevance and growth potential of the project. The presale supports USDT, ETH, and BNB and the minimum investment is 100 USD.

Metropoly has launched a giveaway competition to draw attention to its project and presale. It is not to be missed out on as the winner gets a $1M Burj Khalifa apartment that can earn up to 100,000 USD per year in rental income. Entry to the contest is open to people who complete all the tasks listed (mostly spreading the word about Metropoly) and hold METRO worth at least $100 on the day of the draw.

Visit the Metropoly Presale

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