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The crypto market has performed quite extraordinarily in January, pushing a bunch of tokens to the top over the month. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the top gainers for the day along with a bunch of other projects that hold the promise to make it big in the near future.

1. DYDX (dYdX)

dYdX set to achieve 100% decentralization after the V4 update

DYDX is a decentralized exchange (DEX) offering perpetual futures contracts on its semi-decentralized exchange. The exchange enables traders to short-sell tokens, and increase exposure by either leveraging or earning interest/rewards on deposited tokens.

The dYdX token was minted as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and later operated on the Layer-2 StarkEx network. It serves as a governance token, giving the holder the right to participate in the governance of the protocol and future changes, as well as providing discounts on trading and staking. dYdX has plans to build “dYdX V4 as a standalone blockchain based on the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint Proof-of-stake consensus protocol”.

Notably, one popular misconception among investors is that dYdX token holders are entitled to profit sharing from the platform fees, but this is not the case. The decentralized derivatives exchange recently delayed the unlock of its DYDX token for investors until the fourth quarter, leading to a possible reduction in supply next month.

In addition to this, dYdX has some of the most questionable tokenomics in the crypto space, with the second-largest inflation rate among all tokens. It is possible that the collective group of investors will sell a portion of their tokens, causing sell pressure and potential price destruction.

All this to say, although the token has been on an upward trajectory for over a week now, and currently trading at $2.40. It’s best for investors to look for other projects with higher potential since the future outlook for DYDX doesn’t look quite optimistic.

2. Dash (DASH)

Dash is a cryptocurrency that prioritizes privacy and fast transaction speeds. It was created in 2014 as a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain and has since focused on enhancing the user experience and scalability.


The network structure of Dash features both regular nodes and master nodes, where the latter provides governance and additional services such as instant transactions, private transactions, and decentralized governance. To incentivize network participation, the network rewards the block reward and has a decentralized governance system that allocates 10% of the block reward to fund development and other initiatives.

In addition to its fast transaction speeds and privacy features, Dash also offers optional privacy features like PrivateSend and ChainLocks, ensuring secure and private transactions on the network. The tokenomics of Dash is designed to balance incentivizing network participation, maintaining network security, and funding ongoing development.

According to a recent price analysis, Dash is showing a positive trend. The sharp increase in buying activity and a 200 EMA breakout, along with higher-than-normal buying volume, suggests that the Dash token could easily exceed $100. The support of $38 has been crucial in stabilizing the token’s price. The token has been trading near the 100 EMA and after 15 days of resistance, the 200 EMA broke out strongly, indicating higher lows and supporting the trend.

The technical indicators RSI and MACD support the positive trend of Dash, with the MACD confirming the uptrend breakout. This presents a strong opportunity for buyers to participate in this rally. Although, the resistance based on weekly candlesticks may limit the token’s growth in the $100 to $140 range. Overall, Dash presents a promising investment opportunity for those interested in the cryptocurrency market.

3. Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

Meta Masters Guild (MMG) is a P2E platform that recently raised over $2.1 million in its presale. MMG is closing every week with investments of over $500,000 and is currently in its fourth stage of the seven-stage presale.

The current stage 4 will end in the next four days or even earlier due to increased traction, after which the token price will mark an increase of 18.75%, increasing from $0.016 to $0.019 USDT per token. The final stage of the presale will see token prices reach $0.023 USDT, a 43.75% increase from stage 4.

What is Meta Guild Masters

MMG has created a platform that caters to mobile play-to-earn games, which are cheaper to produce than traditional console games. The MEMAG token will be used to perform all actions on the platform and users will earn rewards while they play in the same currency. They can also opt to stake the tokens for yield or trade them in the marketplace. The project aims to raise $4.97 million, a relatively modest goal to help the company achieve its goals and roadmap.

Meta Kart Racers is the first game in MMG’s collection and is designed to be both exciting and rewarding. The project has received positive feedback from gaming influencer, Jonathan Geroy Velogs, and crypto analyst, Jacob Crypto Bury, who believes that MMG has the potential to become one of the top play-to-earn cryptocurrencies with substantial returns.

MMG has the vision to revolutionize the play-to-earn gaming industry with its innovative ‘play-and-earn’ model, lower production costs, and engaging gameplay. With the rapid pace of fundraising, potential investors should act quickly to take advantage of the attractive pre-sale opportunity. MMG is poised to become a major player in the P2E gaming industry, providing a new level of excitement and rewards for players.

4. FightOut (FGHT)

The FightOut presale doesn’t seem to slow down, attracting investments worth more than $3.6 million so far. The crypto market has seen a huge influx of buyers who are eager to invest in this project as it promises to disrupt the fitness space. Investors are rushing to buy the token, getting in at lower prices with the chance of getting a bonus of up to 50%.

The price of FGHT tokens is set to increase every 12 hours until it reaches $0.0333 by the end of March, 2023 when the presale ends. This means that the early investors will gain more than 80% on their holdings before the token goes live on exchanges.

FightOut presale

The Fight Out app will use smart technology to build a digital fitness profile for each user and reward them for working out at their convenience, at home or in the gym. The app will go beyond just tracking steps and will include movement, effort, sleep, and nutrition in its algorithm to tailor individual training programs for users.

Users will earn REPS, a second off-chain token, for completing exercises, and these tokens can be used to get discounts on gym membership and app subscriptions, book personal trainers, or buy apparel and equipment. Users will have their own NFT avatar that is exclusively bound to them, and as they complete the fitness routines and build fitness in the real world, their avatar’s strength will increase proportionally.

Fight Out plans to install digital mirrors in its physical gym location, so that users can see their avatars in the reflection while they exercise. This truly establishes a place where real-world and virtual fitness finds a common ground. Don’t miss out on the chance to invest and be a part of the next big thing in the fitness industry!

5. C+Charge (CCHG)

C+Charge is revolutionizing the electric vehicle charging market by developing a cutting-edge peer-to-peer payment system. This system enables users to store the network’s token, CCHG, in electronic wallets which they can use to pay for electric vehicle (EV) charging fees at eco-friendly stations.

Not only does C+Charge make it easier for EV owners to access charging stations, but it also provides a unique opportunity for them to earn carbon credits, directly through its platform. This allows users to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from their daily activities and vehicle use.

The CCHG token operates on the BNB Smart Chain and has already received substantial support, raising over $492,000 in a matter of weeks. The token is deflationary, meaning as more CCHG is used for payments, a part of the tokens is burnt, thus increasing their value.

C+Charge also offers a user-friendly mobile app, where users can process transactions, view their balances, and locate nearby charging stations quickly and efficiently. The app also provides real-time diagnostics to help users understand what parts of their car need to be repaired or replaced.

Investors are bullish about the future of CCHG, and now is the time to get in on the action. C+Charge is poised to bring about change in the EV charging market by providing a robust peer-to-peer payment platform, a rewards program powered by blockchain technology, and carbon credits for EV owners.

What is C+Charge NFT

With its innovative use of blockchain technology, C+Charge is set to make charging EVs a seamless and rewarding experience. Whether you’re an EV owner looking for an effortless way to locate charging stations or a savvy investor seeking to capitalize on a promising new opportunity, C+Charge has something to offer.

6. RobotEra (TARO)

RobotEra is a one-of-its-kind crypto project that is taking the metaverse world by storm. The platform integrates a play-to-earn (P2P) mechanism and utilizes its utility token, TARO, which has already raised over $790,000 in investment in its ongoing presale.

Players act as robots to create their own virtual world, communicating with each other in a realistic and engaging manner through their robotic avatars. The platform also integrates NFTs with the P2P mechanism to enable members to earn passive income.

RobotEra NFT Drop

The metaverse industry, encompassing virtual and augmented reality, is one of the most exciting industries today and RobotEra is at the forefront of its growth. The company aims to expand its technology to various sectors, including real estate, retail, and virtual stores, with its native token TARO powering these projects.

TARO went live on presale in November 2022 and is expected to increase in value as more presale stages are completed. The presale is currently in its early phase and offers investors the chance to buy TARO tokens at a discounted price. With TARO, players can participate in various activities, such as questing, community events, concerts, mining, and staking, all while earning rewards.

RobotEra offers endless possibilities for creation and monetization. With its presale phase underway, now is the perfect time to get in on the action and take advantage of the huge discount on TARO tokens.


In this article, we covered the top gainers for the day along with a bunch of exciting early crypto projects. While they’ve been under the spotlight for the day, investors should study a project by themselves before making an investment.

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