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Climate change is one of the critical issues that is bothering the world. Rising sea levels, intense heat, and several environmental hazards are metrics of a collapsing atmosphere.

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have been accused of further exacerbating an already bad situation. While this may be so, new blockchain-based projects are already fostering solutions for the climate issue. One such is C+Charge which focuses on helping EVs to access carbon credits seamlessly.

C+Charge is looking to revolutionize the electric vehicle industry by providing incentives for EV owners who want to charge their vehicles. Its native token is available on presale and has raised over $370,000.

Powering the Green Revolution (C+Charge)

Currently, many consider electric vehicles to be the future of the automotive industry. These vehicles don’t rely on fossil fuels to operate, and with innovations from companies like Tesla and even traditional carmakers, EVs are becoming stronger and capable of covering longer distances on a single charge.

Nevertheless, the EV space is also ripe for innovation. One major issue for the industry is that charging remains a highly inefficient process. Charging stations are not widely distributed enough to meet demand, and payment for charging vehicles can be a hassle.

C+Charge believes that blockchain technology is a great way to solve this challenge. The platform hopes to make car ownership easier for EV drivers, allowing them to access charging stations and providing a more seamless way to make payments. All of this is possible within an environment where EV owners can earn carbon credits for their charging.

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By opening up the carbon credit market to everyday people, C+Charge is ensuring that everyone can access this market – which has hitherto been overly restrictive. Democratizing this market gives an extra incentive for more car owners to switch to EVs and become part of the green revolution.

The platform provides EV owners with real-time information, allowing them to see where they can charge their vehicles nearby. They will also be able to track charging costs in order to compare and find the best deals between stations. C+Charge also provides information to EV owners who want to keep track of their energy consumption.

Additionally, C+Charge incorporates a charging solution via its peer-to-peer system and smart contracts. With its CCHG token, C+Charge will provide speed and transparency with EV charging payments. EV owners will be able to use C+Charge to locate charging stations near them and make payments without bearing additional fees or waiting times.

The CCHG Token (C+Charge)

C+Charge has a native token called CCHG. The digital asset will primarily be used for processing EV charging payments, allowing users to pay and earn their carbon credits directly.

The C+Charge developers are banking on the platform attracting more users and thus delivering gains for CCHG investors. The token is available on presale and has raised over $370,000. However, with the presale still in its early stages, several profit opportunities exist.

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Other Presales to Consider

While CCHG remains a top asset for anyone looking for gains, it is worth noting that several other presales are doing quite well in the market. Two options for investors include:

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

The Meta Masters Guild describes itself as the first Web3 gaming collective in the world. Its goal is to create a universe of games, each of which will run independently but will incorporate the MEMAG token into their gameplay in some way.

Announced earlier this year, the Guild is already kicking into high gear. It has one game – Meta Kart Races – already in the works, with two more on the way. Each game in the universe can essentially incorporate MEMAG as they see fit, and as more games join in, the asset’s use cases should increase.

MEMAG is available to interested investors via its current presale. With over $1 million already raised in two weeks, investor demand for this coin is surely rising.

Fight Out (FGHT)

FGHT powers Fight Out – a move-to-earn service that incentivizes users to get fit and chase their fitness objectives.

With Fight Out, players can access a simple platform to select their fitness goals and work towards them. The platform provides exercise regimens that align with these objectives and access to videos and other useful content.

The platform also uses smart technology to track users’ progress, rewarding them with tokens as they grow. Even more impressive is that it allows users to stay fit using virtual reality. This way, users can work in line with their online NFT avatars and complete challenges in the metaverse-driven landscape. Fight Out also incorporates a gym chain for physical locations allowing users to easily tap into its move-to-earn services in their local fitness centers.

With FGHT, users have the option of paying for subscriptions and staking them for discounts and other benefits. The token is currently on a hot presale streak, with over $3.23 million already raised.

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