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Well-known YouTuber Crypto Zeus reviewed the new and fascinating metaverse RobotEra and its native token TARO which is on presale now. When it comes to community participation and development, RobotEra is an interesting crypto to keep an eye on.

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Crypto Zeus RobotEra Overview

Community involvement is essential for the success of the RobotEra, which places a focus on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and Land. When you take a look at the visuals, you could be reminded of sandbox games or perhaps Minecraft. An NFT is likely to be one of the primary aspects of this crypto ecosystem.

This crypto initiative offer users a comprehensive metaverse platform for managing and exploring entertainment content, as well as creating and interaction. The intention is for this to function similarly to other sizable metaverses.

To start the economy of this metaverse, players can participate in a variety of Play-to-Earn activities, such as trading NFTs and staking tokens. The TARO is running on the Ethereum blockchain, will serve as the core of this cryptocurrency ecosystem.

TARO Token Presale

The TARO token is the currency that drives the RobotEra universe, and its presale is already being named one of the most highly anticipated for the year 2022 – 2023. RobotEra is currently in the first round of their presale and have successfully raised $735k.

The price of one TARO token is $0.02. You have the option of paying directly with your USDT or with the ETH that is currently stored in your wallet. Guide on how to purchase TARO token here.

You will be able to claim your TARO purchase on the claim website once the public presale has come to a close. Participate in their presale at the early stage, before the prices increase. Learn more of our RobotEra price prediction here.

Robot NFT Offers These Benefits

The most important aspects of this metaverse ecosystem are going to be the robot NFT and the various uses for which the robot NFT may be used.


Receive airdrops of RobotEra / cooperative third-party brand awards.


The right to rent and trade your Robot or Robot Companion to earn.


Mine minerals from the land, build components, and craft your own Robot Companions.


Become a part of the RobotEra community and have the right to vote on the development of the project.

RobotEra Land

RobotEra has seven continents, all made up of different Land. Each piece of Land is a unique NFT, and holding a Robot NFT will give you the chance to mint land. This is your Land, and you can use your imagination to create a beautiful sky garden or a luxurious and magnificent underground palace. Build anything you like.

RobotEra Land Benefits

  • Different lands have different geographical coordinates, landforms, and resources.
  • Own Land and you can freely trade or lease to generate passive income.
  • You can operate, build, obtain resources, and profit from your own Land.
  • The original Land has the opportunity to be displayed in RobotEra.

Earning While Playing

They seek a metaverse game with a frictionless Play-to-Earn experience and immersive gameplay.  Players can earn money via growing sacred trees, selling NFTs, advertising, staking tokens, mining, exploring, creating, and battling on Taro.  They want players to experience. Players unknowingly rebuild Taro and gain from the game. All players will enjoy and raise profits.


Meta Masters Guild – Play and Earn Crypto

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