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Calvaria, the best P2E offering of this year, has raised close to $3 million in its presale. And with only $200k remaining for it to reach the conclusion of this presale, your time to participate in this project is getting smaller; visit to participate now.

The project has raised $2.88 million at the time of writing and has completed 95% of stage 5 of the presale. The current presale price of the RIA token is $0.03235.

When the presale target of $3.075 million is reached, or when January 31st arrives, the presale will be over.

That said, the craze behind this project has kicked off a FOMO, and investors are coming in swaths because they don’t want to miss out on the unique offering of the presale project – which will likely close the presale round before the last day is reached.

Big Profits Coming for Those Who Invested Early

Calvaria followed the same multi-stage presale approach as the best presale cryptos of 2022. The cost of the RIA token in the first phase of the presale was $0.0100, and with the recent price of 0.0325, early movers are looking at a 225% profit even before its upcoming listing.

However, that is not to say that those who invest in this project right now won’t see any returns. Calvaria is a P2E gaming project backed by strong fundamentals and has major upsides for this year.

And experts, including major crypto traders, agree with this statement as a whale has recently purchased $97k worth of RIA tokens since there is a chance that this token will be 10x as soon as it starts trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Part of the reason we believe that this token will reach new heights is because of its dedication to its roadmap. Calvaria alpha version will also drop in Q2 of 2023, and that will give us the fir state of the first taste of this unique P2E game.

The listing process will initiate the tokens’ ICO on centralized exchanges.  And the first one to do so will be BKEX. Calvaria’s listing price of this CEX will be 0.0325, but the listing will happen 24 hours after the conclusion of the presale.

Another cryptocurrency exchange that is poised to list Calvaria is LBank. It is a Hong Kong-based exchange known for adding support to some of the best and most successful presale cryptos.

Furthermore, one of the major backers of the Calvaria project is the KuCoin wallet. So, while it has not been confirmed yet, a KuCoin listing might be in the making. If that turns out to be true, the anticipation of being listed on the fourth largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world might pump the listing price of RIA even more.

Calvaria – A Unique P2E game that Focuses on Non-Crypto Gamers

Battle Card games have been proven to be successful in the web 3 space, with Gods Unchained and Splinterlands being the most recent examples of them. However, despite the ubiquity of these platforms, none of them have been able to turn non-crypto games that still see P2E games as a waste of time.

Calvaria is trying to flip the script of the current P2E narrative by taking a gameplay-focused approach that allows non-crypto gamers to engage freely with this game.

That facility comes in the form of F2P – Free to Play mode. This mode will be accessible on all platforms – mobile phones and PCs – and will allow non-crypto gamers to play Calvaria: Duals of Eternity free of cost.

It will be like a demo mode where players will play in a PvE setting against Calvaria’s AI. None of the “playing mechanics” will be locked out for players. F2P will allow gamers to unlock cards, upgrades, and other battle modes.

The earning mechanics of Calvaria are for those who choose the P2E mode. Play-to-Earn mode will be the one where the underlying DeFi mechanics of this project – like gamified staking and Calvaria marketplace – will shine.

All the characters in this game have 3D renderings, which will help Calvaria stand toe-to-toe with the AAA titles in the traditional gaming space. And since the gameplay mechanic of Calvaria is similar to the uber-popular Hearthstone, we may see Calvaria overtake the battle-game giant since all the cards here are tradable assets.

There is a preview live right now that you can check out here.

Calvaria DAO – Putting the Platform’s Control in the Hands of Gamers

Calvaria seeks to be a decentralized platform for gamers where they have a say about the direction in which the game eventually develops. And since the fact that this game is launching on mobile devices, it will be accessible to more gamers.

Owing to that, Calvaria is planning to release a DAO, an in-game marketplace, and a scholarship program.

The in-game marketplace will focus on providing players with a way to upgrade their cards or buy new cards in the form of NFTs. The Calvaria marketplace will also feature some non-NFT assets for players – but the nature of these assets hasn’t been divulged yet.

The in-game DAO will have the players take part in important decisions that will set the course for the development of this platform.

The scholarship programs are part of the platform’s staking utility that will reward players with APYs and other rewards for staking RIA tokens.

Being a multi-chain project, Calvaria handles the in-game transactions through the Polygon layer-2 protocol.

Calvaria is a rare crypto project that is trying to make P2E gaming more appealing for non-crypto gamers. While we can’t comment on how successful it will be in doing so, we can definitely say that just the thought of increasing the adoption rate of the crypto space is enough for a product like RIA to pump after landing on CEX.

Visit the official website and grab the last batches of tokens before the presale meets its target.

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