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A new cryptocurrency presale for Meta Masters Guild’s native token, MEMAG has started recently. This gaming community aims to become the first mobile-focused ecosystem with a common currency for all games. During the initial stage of the presale, the price of MEMAG tokens is $0.007; thereafter, it rises steadily.

One billion tokens are available in total. Only 10% of the quota on supply has been set aside by MEMAG for exchange liquidity. Investors that missed the presale will have to compete on exchanges with the market’s other investors. The coin’s value will rise to $0.01 in the following round of the presale, so now is the best time to buy tokens.

The Ecosystem of the Meta Masters Guild

MEMAG has set itself apart from other platforms for play-to-earn games by placing a strong emphasis on an environment that offers games that players will enjoy playing. Because P2E games lack novelty and have an addictive component, many players initially enjoy them but soon get disinterested.

meta masters

This ecosystem will include a variety of entertaining games that, because of the high degree of engagement built into them, people will want to play repeatedly. Players profit from the ecosystem’s sustainability and gain more reward tokens as they play more. The genuine ownership of in-game prizes is a crucial component of the MEMAG ecosystem. Players receive reward tokens called gems for participating in and winning all of the platform’s games.

One may exchange gems for $MEMAG tokens, which can then be used to buy Ethereum and other top cryptocurrencies. Each player is encouraged to engage in the games that MEMAG provides for extended periods thanks to the participation and win incentive mechanisms.

Gems can also be reinserted into the game, enabling the purchase of NFTs. Investors can instantly stake their bought tokens with MEMAG to generate passive income or to use them to pay for NFTs. High-performing players will receive incentives from Meta Masters Guild, and the company will also run community contests where they may win prizes like in-game NFTs and MEMAG.

Partners in this ecosystem will receive compensation for showcasing their game ideas on our website. MEMAG helps eSports teams as well as content producers promote the games in the ecosystem. Deals that are advantageous to everyone will be made with such parties to build long-term partnerships.

Games on MEMAG

Mobile players will have access to MEMAG games, which will include early works including Raid NFTs, Meta Kart Racers, and Meta Masters World.

The early stages of Meta Kart Racers’ development are now underway. It will allow for the Meta Kart Championship’s play-versus-play element, requiring competitors to flee from evil Meta overlords. Track performance, resource gathering, and a player-driven upgrading cycle all come with rewards.

In the fighting game Raid NFT, players can choose from a variety of warriors to engage in combat in dangerous settings. Gems may be obtained by beating challenges and making advancements in the game. Additionally, players can test their talents in the arena or compete against one another. MEMAG will provide unique goods that will enhance and strengthen the characters. A player’s chances of winning the game increase as their improvement level increases.

The third game on this platform, Meta Masters World, is still in the idea stage. In this metaverse game, players will be able to navigate a virtual environment that grants them complete autonomy, in addition to the opportunity to gather resources and participate in tournaments.

Gems will be awarded for all of the activities on this platform, as well as when $MEMAG tokens are used to make purchases. MEMAG has set a 3% trading charge for tokens and a 5% NFT fee.

Presale for Meta Masters Guild

The $MEMAG token’s value rises as it moves through the various phases of the presale. Investors who want to own an asset that will appreciate can purchase MEMAG coins now and profit from the second stage’s value increase to $0.01, which is a 43% value gain from the present price of $0.007.


But throughout the remaining presale, $MEMAG gains even more value. The coin’s value rises to $0.013 in the third phase. When the Meta Masters Guild’s presale reaches its seventh and last stage, $MEMAG will cost $0.023. There is a maximum of 1 billion MEMAG tokens available. The presale will get 35% of its budget. The $MEMAG coins will be published on exchanges when the presale is over.

Approximately 10% of the total capped tokens have been distributed to exchanges in this play & earn environment. The remaining market participants will learn about this idea and hurry to buy up the tickets that are still available. The demand is expected to drive up the price, so investors who missed the presale will have to purchase $MEMAG coins at higher costs on exchanges.

Tokenomics and the Presale of MEMAG

The MEMAG token presale for Meta Masters Guild has just recently begun, yet demand is already quite high. Investors have been drawn in by the platform’s potential in addition to the strong probability of the token, whose value will rise by 228% during the presale. Tokens from Stage 1 are only $0.007 each, but by the seventh as well as final presale stages, the cost will have increased to $0.023.

350 million tokens (or 35% of the maximum 1 billion supply) are made publicly available throughout the presale, with a hardcap of $4.97 million and no vesting time. The remaining 15% of the supply is reserved for exchange listings as well as liquidity.

MEMAG’s Goal is to Transform the Gaming Industry

The mission of the Meta Masters Guild is to advance games in crypto and NFT. The gaming industry is still on the rise, with mobile gaming being the fastest-growing segment and offering a ton of great prospects for blockchain-powered enterprises.

People who were raised with cell phones are searching for alternatives to conventional methods of doing stuff, including playing video games. Many gamers and cryptocurrency investors will be drawn to MEMAG’s notion of playing, having a great time, and potentially making money as well.

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