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We are all aware that the nature of cryptocurrencies is quite volatile, and we also adore them for this reason. New cryptocurrencies, in particular, have the potential to quickly double investors’ earnings.

If these four cryptocurrencies stick to their ambitious roadmaps, they could experience explosive growth in 2023.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

A number of outstanding presales and cryptocurrency launches have raised millions of dollars this year. Dash 2 Trade is one of the most impressive projects to reach this landmark. The Dash 2 Trade token presale is coming to an end in about two days.

Dash 2 Trade is a newly developed crypto signal, bot, and analytics platform that is nearing the end of its presale period. Dash 2 Trade gives cryptocurrency traders a great chance to take advantage of the great rewards it will bring. Dash 2 Trade offers numerous tools to help traders enhance their strategies. It enables them to communicate with other users and learn from each other.

This is beneficial not just for community building but also for adopting ideas from experienced traders and applying them to the methods one develops.

This is why Dash 2 Trade has grown popular among investors in a very short time. Thereby, the D2T presale has raised more than $12.5 million due to a variety of features. Notably, the token price will rise much more after all exchange listings are completed. Dash 2 Trade is one of the new coins to maintain investor interest despite the recent market turbulence.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T) coin will be available on LBank, Changelly, and BitMart cryptocurrency exchanges very soon. Investors who wish to purchase D2T tokens before they are listed on exchanges must act quickly because a large portion of the tokens has already been sold.

Another factor that boosts confidence among investors is the platform’s back-testing feature, which lets users examine past data to assess how a certain trading strategy could do in the market without risking any real money. Users will also participate in weekly prediction tournaments with amazing rewards.

Traders can begin putting their trading strategies into action on the real market as soon as they are confident in them. This allows them to take advantage of this fantastic feature. The D2T coin’s value will skyrocket in the coming days as a result of its upcoming listing on a centralized exchange.

As a result, it makes sense for investors to purchase the token now rather than wait until the presale is over.

FightOut (FGHT)

FightOut is another new move-to-earn platform and gym chain that will employ smart technology to develop personalized training routines and analyze user performance to provide users with continual feedback.

They provide a comprehensive approach to exercising via their app, and clients who fulfill their goals are rewarded with REPS tokens.

FightOut distinguishes itself from other M2E platforms by tracking all types of physical activity, not just steps. The move-to-earn program rewards users with REPS tokens for meeting their goals and encourages them to live healthier lives.

Moreover, the project is about to establish physical gyms equipped with Web3 components like “mirrors” exhibiting the digital fitness profile and sensors documenting workouts in key locations across the globe. The gym will have a lot of different features, such as studios for rent, health bars, and a co-working space. The focus will be on giving customers the most up-to-date tools and services.

In fact, famous boxers and athletes have joined forces with FightOut to provide masterclasses and special events in their gym locations.

FightOut will revolutionize fitness monitoring by connecting a user’s performance in real-time to their customized avatar. Thereby, users can keep a closer eye on their results in terms of strength, cardiovascular endurance, and other areas with the help of this tool. FightOut also offers social competition through the app, so users may engage in friendly competition and work together to accomplish common goals.

The presale phase of FightOut is now live. $FGHT is available for $0.016. Therefore, investors must act swiftly to secure $FGHT at the opening price.

Calvaria (RIA)

RIA is another well-known gaming project. Calvaria is a play-to-earn NFT combat card project that is gaining traction in the gaming community. Calvaria is an intriguing play-to-earn story that doesn’t skimp on quality, subject matter, or storyline. In the game, you can duel, earn, and improve cards to become the most formidable foe possible.

Calvaria is based on the concept of the afterlife, introducing a new game story. Meanwhile, Calvaria’s lower entry criteria give it a significant advantage in the crowded gaming industry.

This means you don’t need to own any in-game cryptocurrency or NFT assets to begin playing. There is a free-to-play version as well as a play-to-earn version.

It is worth noting that the Calvaria presale has been a huge success so far, with eager investors purchasing roughly 90% of the tokens made available. The project has already passed a thorough security audit with Solid Proof, and the game’s full Alpha release date is set for Q2 2023. The team also intends to form an internal eSports squad.

The pre-sale for the Calvaria: Duels of Eternity play-to-earn project has already raised more than $2.6 million, and the RIA token’s initial exchange offering (IEO) is set to happen on BKEX.

RobotEra (TARO)

RobotEra is an intriguing new sandbox metaverse. It includes a number of extra features, such as NFT trading and crypto staking, as well as addictive play-to-earn principles. RobotEra’s imaginative universe is well-developed and full of creativity.

Players take on the role of robots from one of Taro’s seven distinct tribes. The sandbox environment, on the other hand, allows users to freely explore, mine, construct, build, and trade. Players will eventually be able to turn their in-game inventions into NFTs that can be traded for other NFTs in the RobotEra market.

More than $670,000 has been raised in Stage 1 since November 20, 2022. The current value of $TARO is $0.020. Stage 2 will see an increase to $0.025 and Stage 3 will see an increase to $0.032. Those who invest now will see their assets increase by 60% once $TARO is listed on the exchanges.


Dash 2 Trade – High Potential Presale

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Dash 2 Trade

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