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IMPT had a successful presale and are now steadily building up momentum and exposure in the eco friendly crypto sector. Everyone may easily contribute to the fight against climate change by purchasing IMPT.

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What is IMPT

IMPT is a carbon removal platform that is powered by blockchain technology. The program’s objective is to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases and to lessen the impact of climate change. The price of one IMPT token, which can be traded in for a certain amount of carbon credits, was set at $0.018 during the IMPT token sale.

IMPT Against Climate Change

Users of IMPT are connected with hundreds of environmentally significant projects all over the world. These projects have the common goal of lowering carbon emissions and improving the state of our planet. IMPT also partners with thousands of the world’s largest retail brands, each of which contributes a predetermined amount of their profit margin to environmental initiatives.

It is stored in the users’ accounts in the form of IMPT tokens as they are accumulated. These tokens are accumulated by the users until such time as they have reached the required quantity of the carbon credit of their choosing. As a side benefit of this, users can carry on with their typical shopping while simultaneously contributing to the protection of the environment.

Official twitter of IMPT announced that the token is now live on Bitmart.

IMPT Price Analysis

The current IMPT price, as of December 29, is $0.014. On December 14, when it was trading at an all-time high of $0.025, IMPT reached its highest price. Since its ATH, the price has dropped to $0.007. We can see a rising wedge, which is a pattern that indicates a bearish reversal, and there was a significant resistance.

The trend line of the resistance was where you had the opportunity to potentially take some profits. You could have taken your profits or broken even at $0.022, or anywhere between $0.022 and $0.183, if you were a presale phase one investor.

IMPT failed to maintain its position above the key support level of $0.018, after which failed to hold the position above the support of the rising wedge, and eventually, failed to maintain the position above the critical support area of $0.016. It is quite a good area to buy IMPT, and it would have offered you a pump of up to 21% if you had done so at that time.

IMPT Price Prediction

A burst in the bullish position could cause the IMPT to surge quickly to test recent highs in the area of $0.022, while a breakout in the bearish position could make way to the possibility of a rapid drop back towards $0.012. IMPT is now available for trading on BitMart, and on January 1st it will be listed on the exchange.

The CEO of the IMPT project has announced that the trading marketplace platform will be ready for launch in February of the following year. These encouraging updates on the development progress of the IMPT have the potential to enhance its market.


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