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C+Charge is a new eco-friendly cryptocurrency initiative, aims to reduce carbon emissions and will certainly obtain massive profits in 2023. C+Charge is developing a new payment charging model that is environmentally friendly by offering drivers a simple charging experience and the chance to earn carbon credits.

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To learn more about the C+Charge, a new green cryptocurrency, and its presale, watch the video above and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

What is C+Charge

C+Charge aims to provide a reliable peer-to-peer (P2P) payment infrastructure for  stations for EV charging based on blockchain technology. Customers will  each recipient was given a personal electronic wallet that they could use to  fee at stations across the world. The payment system for C+Charge is  powered by a utility token called C+Charge that is used to pay for charges.

The owner of the charging station saves a lot of money by not having to use a point of sale system when using the crypto wallet provided by the app.  Every time a C+Charge utility token-using EV driver uses it to pay for a  they make a charge, customers will accumulate carbon credits that are kept in their C+Charge app.

C+Charge (CCHG) Presale

With its environmentally friendly platform, C+Charge is helping to finance its vision of the blockchain as the foundation for the future of electric automobiles. By purchasing its native token, CCHG, investors can make a difference, take part in early-round fundraising, and acquire a utility token with practical applications.

The cost of one CCHG is currently $0.013 during stage one of its presale. The coin’s value rises by 80% to $0.0235 by the completion of the presale, which has four phases.

C+Charge Centralized Application

C+Charge’s mobile application will become the central platform for all EV owners’ charging needs. Aside from managing payments, the app will manage all the end-to-end activities associated with the charging process. The following are the features that the C+Charge application will incorporate;

  • Carbon-Credit Tracker
  • Seamless Payment for Multiple Platform Integration Options
  • Geolocated Easy Access Charging Stations Finder
  • Real-Time Charger Wait Times
  • Charging Station Technical Diagnosis

C+Charge System Model

C+Charge‘s proposed EV charging ecosystem comprises four basic elements:

The User

Users are EV owners or EV charging station owners/managers. Users enroll themselves in the C+Charge system as the end-user for their particular use case who require charging services.

EV Charging Station

This is a network of EV charging stations that are either operated by C+Charge or utilize C+Charge’s blockchain payment network that is supported by C+Charge Utility Token.

C+Charge App

The centralized application that shows the nearest C+Charge supported charging stations to the users, holds users’ payment wallets that enables them to pay for charging, a real live-time tracker of the history of charges and carbon credits earned. For EV owners a real-time update on the status of all charging stations, carbon credit management, and the ability to make price adjustments as necessary.


A public ledger that is designed and developed to provide transparency and tamper-proof security for transactions utilizing smart contracts at greater efficiency and lower cost than traditional ledgers.

C+Charge Tokenomics

A novel feature of the C+Charge token eco-system will be that everytime tokens are used to pay for a charge, they will be taken out of circulation, enabling a constant supply of demand in the network. As the number of charging stations grow, the number of tokens taken out of the system will increase, providing organic support.

  • Angel Sale – 2%
  • Private sale 5%
  • Public Sale – 40%
  • Community ( Staking, Airdrop, and Giveaways) – 10%
  • Founders and Team – 5%
  • Ecosystem Fund – 15%
  • Partners – 7.5%
  • Listing and Exchange Funds – 8%
  • Environmental and Charity – 5%
  • Advisor – 2.5%

C+Charge NFTs

C+Charge intends to utilize NFTs that provide utility for its users. The C+Charge app will allow users to create NFT’s of all carbo credits that have been earned through charging and token holdings through its reflection program. Finding real life utility and real life use case is part of C+Charge’s identity and focus, and it will strive to utilize NFTs that provide value and utility.

But there are also many other benefits for NFTs that focus on branding and promotions, and the C+Charge network will look to offer an NFT program that will work with car manufacturers in the EV space and other stakeholders to create special, limited edition concepts incorporating EVs. These will be purposed to further C+Charge’s identity in the EV space and further promote sustainable mobility for all.


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