In the past few years, several  Metaverse gaming projects have become well-known brands in the crypto space.

Numerous play-to-earn games attempted to bridge the worlds of cryptocurrency and traditional gaming. However, we have yet to see a P2E game launch into the mainstream with definitive and continuous success: оnly a few have proven to be capable of surviving the ongoing crypto-winter.

MetaClash: Digital Avatars of Destruction is attempting to alter the industry by applying all of the lessons learned to bring blockchain-based gaming to the next level. It’s a free-to-play sci-fi vehicular combat Web3 game where players can use their PFP avatars and customize their vehicles to battle in multiple game modes.

Players fight in PvP (Player vs. Player) matches, earn rewards and choose one of the three factions to dictate game development, build communities, and battle for dominance in an exciting post-apocalyptic scenario.


A Revolutionary Concept

This project is committed to achieving a game’s ultimate goal: to entertain. Metaclash aims to live up to the high standards of gaming with a unique setting, a complex story, and compelling gameplay. The project’s progression shows impressive shape after achieving major milestones in less than a year of development.

Metaclash: Digital Avatars of Destruction was able to showcase a playable Alpha version to the Philippine Web3 Festival 2022. Those who attended had the opportunity to experience the thrill of driving these vehicles and try out what the project has developed thus far.

With a playable Alpha version of the game completed, and a Beta build on the horizon, Metaclash: Digital Avatars of Destruction started its Whitelisting process. Now, the efforts are focused on reaching the next major milestone: the NFT Genesis collection.

These NFTs will feature unique vehicle parts and perks. Those who own them will become the core of the Metaclash community, enjoying all the well-known benefits of being an OG in a Play-to-Earn crypto gaming project.

The In-Game Experience

The game features Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn models to offer an experience tailored to a wide range of players.  Firstly, it will include two game modes -Team Deathmatch and Escort the Cargo- and a mixed reward system that takes into account both casual players and NFTs holders.

Metaclash’s concept goes beyond the boundaries of traditional gaming. It includes a full-fleshed worldbuilding consisting of a vast sci-fi universe. Players will be immersed in the storyline of a dystopian futuristic Earth where vehicles, factions, and pilots are the protagonists, and drama is everywhere.

The visual section stands out by its own merit. It is an original artwork made with advanced illustration techniques in 2D and 3D. The result is a dark post-apocalyptic world full of excitement and creativity.

Storytelling developments include treatments, plots, articles, short stories, and graphic novels. Also, gamers will experience an interactive narrative, having the opportunity to shape the storylines in the way of classic role-playing games.

Token holders will vote on motions that govern how the factions grow. Each voter’s voting power is determined by the number of tokens staked; the largest stakers will form a cabinet to manage the factions.

Finally, MetaClash has an ongoing whitelist campaign for their upcoming NFT sale: the Digital Avatars of Destruction Genesis NFT Collection. Each NFT will have several perks, including a Premium Battle Pass, MetaClash Garage Access Pass, VIP privileges, NFT staking, priority access to the Beta version of the game, side products related to the lore, and a Genesis limited edition skin. Also, it will serve as a ‘booster pack,’ providing the owner with all the parts required to play the game.

Players can be part of the community of this project and be updated with the latest news by visiting the website and following on social media.


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