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Axie Infinity, once the leading P2E metaverse game, is seemingly losing the support of the crypto community. One reason for this might be the fact that 22 million AXS tokens were unlocked last Monday, which might be causing fears of a mass sell-off. However, the chart above shows that Axie has been dropping for months, and it missed the recent series of bull runs. In the last 56 weeks, the project lost 94% of its market capitalization, making investors lose interest in the token, while at the same time, players seem to be losing interest in the game.

But, while AXS might be going down, there are other, newer opportunities that are capturing the attention of the market, including the following tokens.


Currently, in the middle of a presale, D2T is one of the biggest and most popular opportunities out there right now. This is a native cryptocurrency of the Dash 2 Trade platform, which provides investors and traders with trading signals, exchange listing notifications, social and other analytics, price predictions, and basically anything that a trader needs to analyze the market, remain aware of new opportunities, and make informed decisions. The platform already has over 70,000 members, inherited from its parent company, Learn 2 Trade.

As for the presale, the project is offering D2T tokens at a price of 0.05 USDT per token. In total, it managed to raise $3.49 million out of its $5.16 million goal, and the sale is still ongoing. Around two-thirds of the tokens were sold already, and at the time of writing, only 33.4 million D2T tokens remain on offer.


IMPT is another excellent opportunity right now. The so-called “greenest cryptocurrency,” the token is one of the fastest-selling cryptos that are holding a presale right now. The project itself has the goal of offering an impactful carbon offset program to users around the world, and anyone can join simply by investing in IMPT. In doing so, investors will become a member of a massive ecosystem that is connecting businesses and individuals that care about the environment with a number of socially responsible brands.

The presale has already sold over 637 IMPT tokens, each of which is priced at $0.023. So far, the project has raised $11.6 million, and while the tokens are selling quickly, there is still some time left for users to join. The token is being talked about by influencers, green technology supporters, crypto experts, and more.


RIA is also a very big and popular token with a running presale, and it belongs to a project called Calvaria. This is a metaverse P2E battle card game that allows users to duel others, earn money, upgrade their cards, and more, all with the goal of becoming the best player with the best deck on the battlefield.

Investors can get as many as 50 RIA tokens per 1 USDT, but this is only the current situation, as the price is expected to go up soon, which means that investors will only get 40 RIA per 1 USDT. So far, the project has raised 914,344 USDT after selling 68.2 million RIA.

Best investment options

A bonus project that we can recommend is Tamadoge, which is a mix of a memecoin inspired by Dogecoin, and a metaverse project, equipped with its own game. The project allows users to mint, breed, and battle their own Tamadoge pet in the metaverse, which is fairly similar to Axie Infinity itself, but it comes with a new twist — the memecoin aspect. Memecoins are surging these days, likely inspired by Elon Musk’s purchase of Twiter, and they are offering an excellent erning opportunity.


As for the previous three projects, D2T is likely the best opportunity, as it guarantees usage of its platform. Even if the popular trends and games fail, investors will always need a platform dedicated to providing trading signals, analysis, and other useful information, which is why experts believe it to be the token with the greatest potential right now.


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