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As Tora Inu continues to draw crowds to its ongoing presale, experts predict $TORA to chart a bull run similar to Rich Quack next year. However, $TORA will prove to be a better investment if the project’s ambitious roadmap is any indication.

How Rich Quack Reimagined Meme Coins 

Rich Quack was launched in 2021 as a competitor to meme coin projects like Dogecoin. This was a time when meme coins were primarily driven by community strength, with little focus on utility and value. The token has come a long way since that and currently fuels a community-driven project designed for automatic liquidity.

Rich Quack all-time price chart, 21 Oct 2022, source: CoinMarketCap

QUACK token went on a rally in November 2021, which took its price to $0.00002111. Over the next few months, the price slipped down, and it sits at $0.000000001898 at the time of writing. That is, 99.99% down from its all-time high. Despite that, the project enjoys great support on social media platforms. The token charted a slight but significant 161.2% uptick this month due to increased activities in the community.

Much of the renewed hopes in QUACK can be attributed to the growing Rich Quack ecosystem, which includes a staking platform, DAO, and launchpad. It allows retail investors to make early entries to promising projects by hosting a fair and decentralized multichain launch ecosystem.

The launchpad follows strict quality standard checks and KYC to reduce user risk exposure. While the staking platform gives holders guaranteed allocation in Rich Quack’s incubated and partner projects, the DAO gives holders a say in the listings.

Rich Quack website

Despite the diverse use cases the project has linked to QUACK tokens over time, the token is still reeling from the market crash. The cross-breeding of the meme coin with a launchpad ecosystem has neutralized the potential of both concepts to a great extent.

Where Meme Coin Meets Fun Utilities 

Tora Inu is one of the most-awaited meme coin projects of this year. The $TORA presale is moving ahead at a fast pace, much to the crypto community’s pleasant shock. What gives Tora Inu a competitive edge in the crowded crypto market? And how does it learn from the mistakes of predecessors like Shiba Inu, Floki Inu, and Rich Quack?

Let’s see.

Tora Inu introduces a utility-rich roadmap connected to the fun, quirky meme coin concept. It integrates play-to-earn, NFT, and metaverse concepts that will likely add value to $TORA tokens as they unveil. This includes the launch of an NFT marketplace, a play-to-earn game, mini-games, and lottery mini-games, to just name a few.

Tora Inu’s short-term roadmap

Another key factor that instills confidence in the project is its long-term vision backed by these three features:

  • Tora Inu has deflationary tokenomics that goes a long way in supporting the token price in the long run. A percentage of the tokens are burned after every transaction to create a supply squeeze, which will, in turn, strengthen the bullish sentiments.
  • Tora Inu’s gripping play-to-earn ecosystem will continue to create demand for the token as the roadmap unfolds. If the primary game and mini-games will reward users based on their performance and the time they put in, the Tora Inu draws, and the lottery will widen the platform’s user base. You can also stake your $TORA tokens in the platform in exchange for attractive returns.
  • Tora Inu’s massive community strength is another feature that makes it one of the best IEO cryptos to buy now. Although the project launched on social media in September 2022, its growth on Twitter and Telegram has been phenomenal.

The Verdict

An in-depth analysis of the Tora Inu website and whitepaper reveals that the project has the potential to become the next Rich Quack and do even better.

Since scams and rug pulls run rampant in the crypto market, it is always advised to exercise caution while investing in early-stage projects. Tora Inu takes proactive steps to rule out concerns, however. The smart contract has undergone a comprehensive security audit, and the team is fully verified by Coinsniper. In addition to that, the project has already partnered with top-tier CEXs and DEXs in anticipation of an early presale sell-out and public launch if rumors are to be believed.

You can now grab Tora Inu tokens for a discounted price at the presale, which will be the cheapest way into the project. As a presale participant, you also get entry to the Tora Inu giveaway worth $25,000 on Gleam.

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