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It seems like another great presale success is in the making this year., an eco-friendly crypto, has raised upwards of $500k within two days of its presale. is another asset in a long line of sustainable cryptos that aims to transform the carbon offsetting industry – one that has, till now, kept mid-level players on the sidelines.

IMPT Shopping Platform – Making a Green Shopping Experience

One of the most undervalued ways of carbon emissions comes from shoppers. IMPT aims to reduce that by introducing a new mechanism of carbon emission.

Helping the platform in that endeavor are top brands and more than 100k retailers that have decided to take an eco-friendly approach toward shopping.

According to the official whitepaper, all member retailers will donate a proportion of sales they make through the shopping widget or the mobile application.

When it comes to donations, retailers decide how much they want to donate to the projects decided by IMPT. The projects that is currently concerned with are environmental, social, and government or ESG projects.

On the consumer’s side, they can choose their brand based on the sales margin they offer for the green projects.

Shop Online and Earn Carbon Credits

Carbon credits have always been out of reach for regular consumers. That all changes with the IMPT shopping application. With this application, you will earn IMPT tokens whenever you buy a green brand. You can then sell these tokens to get green credit.

Buying and selling carbon credits is not a novel concept within the blockchain space. However, IMPT is doing it in a more inclusive, radical way that can bring a more positive change to the ecosystem.

Bringing Everyone Together to Fight Climate change

Two factors are responsible for getting the crypto crowd interested in the IMPT project:

  1. Making shopping a green, ESG activity.
  2. Easily trading carbon credits.

If you buy IMPT tokens from the market and convert it into carbon credits, you can list them for sale on the IMPT marketplace as NFTs. In a sense, that would work towards offsetting the environmental impact of NFTs.

Furthermore, IMPT offers special incentives for burning/ retiring carbon credits by allowing burners to earn NFTs from recognized artists. These NFTs can then be put on any NFT marketplace for sale.

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You can also buy IMPT tokens from the IMPT platform. Currently, it is available on presale at a discounted price. But once it is over, swapping functionality would become available on the platform – allowing you to buy IMPT tokens directly.

IMPT’s inclusive approach to incentivizing retiring carbon credits and allowing users to place them on the IMPT marketplace can have an exponentially positive impact on the environment.

Making ESG Profitable – The IMPT Approach

Environmental concerns look good on paper, but genuine care does not permeate among most individuals. It is partly because “making money through ESG” has been limited to corporate giants.

However, IMPT’s novel and inclusive ESG approach will allow investors to donate to deter environmental degradation while simultaneously making profits.

“Improvement of environment and making profits doesn’t have to be an either-or question” – that’s the philosophy behind ESG.

With that approach, IMPT has laid a foundation for something that has the potential to become an everyday reality for shoppers. Companies would be motivated to push for their green brands, and consumers would be encouraged to buy them because of IMPT rewards.

How to Get Involved with this Green Crypto Project?

Here are the steps to follow to become involved with

  1. Visit the official website and connect your wallet
  2. Buy IMPT for Eth or USDT.

Those who don’t yet possess ETH can buy it right there on the IMPT website.

Currently, the first phase of the presale is live, and the target is $10.8 million. So far, the presale has raised more than $524k.

You can buy it today at a discount price of $0.018. The arrival of the second phase will increase the cost of this crypto to $0.023 – which we believe it will reach within the next two days.

Visit IMPT

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