Solana is one of the fastest-growing communities and ecosystems, with hundreds of projects battling to deliver more unique use cases and bring to life the vision of its founders.

The network is becoming more robust as well, and data shows that it’s the leading one when it comes to overall staked value. With over $43 billion locked in the protocol, Solana is far ahead compared to its main rivals – Terra and Ethereum.

Part of the reasons for this massive surge of interest in Solana in the last year is the booming gaming and play-to-earn community. With this said, one particular game is seemingly doing a lot to push its community forward by delivering regular updates and shipping constant products.

AGE of SAM (AOS) continues to grow at a steady pace. With about 2500 SAM NFTs currently in existence and well under 100 listed on marketplaces at the time of writing, it’s quickly becoming an NFT project that’s to be considered.

The initial focus of the team was to build a strong organic community and onboard 12 established Solana projects as partners, each one represented as Faction NFTs in the AOS Universe and playable in-game characters.

With over 10,000 engaged Discord members and 7,000 Twitter followers, they’ve certainly succeeded in building a continuously growing community. With 12 partnerships solidified, and more on the way, they’ve accomplished both initial goals.

AOS launched its first-generation animated NFTs on February 16th of this year.

The Team’s Plans for the Near Future

SOLARIUM will serve as the AOS utility and governance token. Every unlisted SAM has already been accumulating SOLARIUM since mint. A live dashboard is up and running for any holder to check how much SOLARIUM they’ve already gathered.

A massive SOLARIUM airdrop is planned for March 28th, which will coincide with the launch of the first weekly staking Moon Missions. The amount of SOLARIUM mined will depend on the rank of the SAM as well as holding a SAM partner NFT, where a multiplier of 1.5 – 2x will apply.


However, individual SAMs will also be eligible for a yield multiplier if they’re upgraded with  SOLARIUM via the AOS Gene Machine.


As a governance token, SOLARIUM will allow holders to participate in important decision-making and execution of the project’s roadmap. Community has been and will continue to always be included in the process. Trusting the process is a lot easier when you’re directly involved in it.

The Tokenomics of AOS

The AOS tokenomics model is loosely based on other successful projects as well as bringing new deflationary ideas to the mix. One of those is called a Paper Hand Tax, which means if someone prematurely ends a Moon Mission, they will be taxed on the amount of SOLARIUM they earned. This taxed SOLARIUM will then be redistributed as additional yield to holders that successfully completed their Moon Missions.


SOLARIUM will be fixed-supply with an initial mint of 200,000,000 tokens. The total supply will not change.



The token utility will allow investors to upgrade their SAMs with weapons and accessories, build Moon facilities, mutate, and much, much more. This will add to both staking and in-game value. SOLARIUM will also be tradeable on a DEX and allow for passive income.

Play-2-Earn gaming

By mid-April, the AOS sci-fi dungeon crawling game will go live.

The first dungeon will be an engaging gaming experience with players exploring and searching for loot in the form of equipment, SOLARIUM, and other bonuses. Subsequent levels will add more complexity like fighting monsters and more SAM upgradeability.

More major details about the P2E game will be revealed in the following weeks, with progress updates coming in daily on their Discord and Twitter. Over a dozen dedicated SAM holders are already helping to test the game. This level of collaboration between developers and the community is rarely seen and helps ensure a product everyone is happy with.

The game is being rapidly created with experienced in-house game developers, artists, and a AAA gaming studio.

What Are The Future Plans?

Having already delivered a lot of what was promised, the team realizes there’s a whole lot more to do. With this in mind, some of the future plans include, but is not limited to:

  • The AOS team is dedicated to building a brand that will last for years to come
  • Carefully planned future mints that will not cause inflation and devaluation of the current genesis supply in circulation
  • Expansion and evolution of staking opportunities and game development
  • Continuous community growth, as well as more marketing and global exposure
  • Developing an inclusive Solana community hub
  • Expanding the current team
  • Educational initiatives about space exploration
  • Charity work with reputable organizations

AOS went from idea to execution in 6 months. Nothing feels rushed, and every step is taken with careful consideration in dialogue with the community. Most projects simply don’t function this way. Unsurprisingly, most also lose all value.


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